Philip Dickinson

Introducing Philip

Finding the right driving instructor is an important part of learning to drive. I am an excellent instructor and a very friendly person. My ambition is for you to be successful. I am, of course, a fully qualified and very experienced A.D.I.

A great instructor

I will teach you to drive with the minimum number of lessons necessary. Most of my clients, about 85% get through first time. My overall pass rate at present is approximately 78%

Very patient

I will show you how to relax and enjoy your driving so that you learn easily. As one of my students have said, "I thought I would be shouted at if I did things wrong...but you always stay calm and are so nice about everything."

Good sense of humour

Driving is a serious business; being able to do it well is important. Learning in a pleasant atmosphere with nothing too heavy is much more enjoyable. Much nicer to finish with a smile.

What I will teach you

On the day of your driving test you will set off with the necessary skill, confidence and ability to drive and control the car.

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Getting started

If you are new to driving, I will show you everything that you need to know. If you have experience, I will assess your driving ability.

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Moving on

I will teach you to drive in a structured way, moving from easier things to more difficult exercises. And once you have become confident, will guide you into making good judgements.

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Learn from your mistakes

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, this is one of the very important ways in which you learn. Most beginners are terrified of stalling, but after some practice you learn to prevent it.

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The test

I will give you what help you need for your Theory Test and give you a lesson before the practical test and if you want me to, I will sit in with you during the test itself.

What car will I learn in?

Your car will be a white Mazda 2, with dual controls, excellent manoeuvrability and a well laid out gear box for easy changes. For your comfort, it has air-conditioning & heating.

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Ideal for learning

I tested a lot of different cars before choosing the Mazda 2 because it ticked the most boxes. It is professionally fitted with dual controls. I like driving it and so will you.

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Great car

You will be learning in a modern compact Mazda 2 car with a very precise gear change and excellent visibility all round.

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With the height-adjustable and supportive driver’s seat, big windows and a very big rear window, you will have excellent views of what is in front, at the sides and behind.

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You will have one of the better instructors teaching you to drive in an ideal car, and put together with your enthusiasm, it’s a formula for success and the beginning of a new life.

What my pupils have said

Pupils have made many comments over the years about their learning experience with me.

Here are a few of them:

One thing that struck me most was that you never got upset, whatever I did!

Mandy, 18, Hereford

It was great to get through first time and you made it such a lot of fun.

Mike, 18, Hereford

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My partner doesn’t drive and on Bank Holidays, all we could do was to go on the bus.

Tracey, 30, Stroud

At the age of 45, I thought I’d left it too late, but you made it happen.

Graham, 45, Hereford




Basic hourly rate £23
Second lesson Free
10 hours block prepaid £220
20 hour block prepaid £420

All lessons are full one hour minimum for door to door. Sometimes I will extend a lesson at no extra cost if it is needed to finish a particular skill.

For every new client that you introduce and who proceeds to take lessons with me, I will give you a free one hour lesson, so if you have a lot of friends, you need never need to pay for lessons!!



I'm pleased to answer your questions.

Call me or text me at 07886 756 476 if you are interested to find out more about my driving instuction.